WetBrush Pet Brush


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The first-ever pet grooming line from the brand revolutionized detangling. Say goodbye to your pet’s tangles and painful brushing sessions. This detangler transforms brushing from discomfort to luxury while greatly improving coat look and health. This detangler is ideal for larger breeds with more volume of hair to brush through and detangle.

Features exclusive, ultra-soft IntelliFlex™ bristles which are thin, strong, and very flexible to be able to effortlessly glide through your pet’s coat, regardless of hair type, thickness and length. Easily brushes through tangles and mats that would otherwise be difficult to remove. These bristles prevent tugging which eliminates unnecessary hair removal that may compromise a coat.

Bristles remove loose and shedding hair as well as dirt and build-up in the coat. These bristles distribute natural oils across the coated surface to reveal a shiny, healthy coat which also makes your pets feel much better and cuts down on grooming time.

This brush suits any dog or cat breed with varying coat styles. This brush is an ideal companion with a dry shampoo to maintain a fresh, clean, healthy coat between baths. It is time to transform pet brushing to make it enjoyable for you and your pets.